Switching routers. Dont want to lose anything

I’m switching internet services and I may require a new router. I cant narrow it down through searching but I want to know the right way to switch Wyze items to the new router without losing them. I know some products need to be done a certain way ie. WCO base station. I am not on any cam plus services.

Can someone give me a simple Y/N reply of which devices need extra attention other than a simple reset button and adding a new device in the app?

WC pan 2
WC outdoor base station
WC outdoor
Robot vacuum
Color bulb
Original wyze bulb
Outdoor plug
Doorbell Pro

Thank you.

If you keep the same SSID and Password, they all should connect without issue.

  • Scale is Bluetooth, so it should not be impacted
  • WC Outdoor connects to the base, so this should not be an issue either.

If you change the SSID and/or Password, then all you need to do is go through the setup for each device, but do not delete them from your app. This will ensure your rules and schedule will remain intact.


I’ll have to look into changing the SSID. Got any tutorials?

In case I cant, out of the list is there anything that needs special attention? Im reading up on posts where people lost use of devices because they didnt switch a certain way.

That depends on the manufacturer and model of your equipment. Just focus on security settings, ssid name and PW, etc. Go into your current equipments settings pages and screen shot everything in regards to wifi so you have it handy when settings up the new stuff.

If you have to re setup all your stuff, like @spamoni4 stated it’s the same process as your initial install, just don’t delete the device from your app first.


Awesome. Thank you! Wednesday at noon technicians show up so we’ll see how it goes.

If you have techs on site with you. Ask them to make the change to your current SSID & passphrase/password. And watch them. And if they let you, you could record it. And ask for written instructions. Often this would be on their website. Maybe customers can access it, maybe not. But like everyone above has said, the trick to avoiding issues is re-using your current SSID and password on your new router. Doesn’t matter the provider, or the cable modem they use, if you are NOT swapping out your router, there’s no impact. If they are providing a different router, again, the secret is to use the same SSID & password that you already are using.

The techs might claim your current SSID or particularly password is not secure. That’s a matter of opinion and choice. They likely know easily how to change the provider’s choice to a different SSID, but might not want to so they will give you their explanations. If they won’t do it for you, ask for the instructions to do it. Then I would do it while they were still there.

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Wanted to follow up on this. AT&T’s installers copied the SSID and password without me even requesting it. Must be standard procedure now? When I asked about it, they showed me it was already done.

I had 2 cams, 2 bulbs, the vacuum bot and a few plugs need re-configuring but the majority of wyze devices transferred over.

Added an Eero 6+ mesh system covering my two structures and no problems with the cams.

Thanks everyone for chiming in! It was definitely nice to be a step ahead of the game.