Switch with touchscreen display

Currently, ”Brilliant” has the market cornered on robust smart switches that allow you to control the whole home. Wyze is with out a doubt the best company to compete. Imagine a Wyze Switch that integrates many of the killer features from the app right onto the wall of the home! Dim lights/Change colors? No problem. View doorbell feed when rung? Heck yeah!

The possibilities are endless!!!

Here’s a link for reference:

Brilliant Control Panel

They are quite expensive starting at $400. I do think Wyze could do this less expensively. However, not sure it fits with the 2023 Focus on the Camera push. Let’s see where this goes.


You can also take a look at this product. Its maturing and a fraction of the price.

Love this idea. I deck out my home in Wyze switches but a central “premium” switch might be a good addition.