Switch is too big for my old boxes

I was so excited to get my switches after determining my old house indeed has the neutral wire. However, I was sorely disappointed when, no matter how I organize the wires, I cannot fit my switch in the box…
Looks like I’ll have to get new boxes if I want this to work :confused:

I’ve run across boxes that either weren’t deep enough (sometimes due to too much wiring stuffed inside) and one that was sloped at the top and bottom so a smart switch could not fit all the way in, but an extension was sufficient to address those issues:

In your case, however, it does look like the box is literally not wide enough. :disappointed: I mostly posted the above for others that might find this topic from a search and could have their problem resolved by an extension.


I think I’m going to try and replace the boxes with deaper old work boxes… But the extenders may do the trick! I’m just not too sure about things sticking off the wall, even just a little bit. Thank you for the suggestion!

Well, it’s a little chunky, but it’s better than the switch hanging out of the wall. Thank you @LonnieM for the tip!

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Glad that worked out for. I expected from the looks of your box, the extender probably wouldn’t work, but thought it was worth a mention at least for others with a similar problem. Glad to see I was incorrect in this case.

I didn’t even know they sold extenders! Thank you for the suggestion.