Switch from event to recording timeline inside event viewer

Might be asking for too much here, and apologies if this has already been covered. I’m already pretty amazed at how good the Wyzecam is for such a modest price. I also know about the reasons for the 12 second limit, and I have an SD card installed for extended recording. It’s pretty tricky to find a short event on the recording timeline. You of course have to remember the time when the event triggered the 12 second recording.

What I would love to see is an option inside the event viewer to take you to that moment on the timeline of the internal recording. For bonus points, a link back to event viewer would be awesome.

Thanks to the developers for their amazing work.

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This was implemented in app version 2.6. See this:


Dang! How did I not see that? Sure enough, choosing the SD card icon does exactly this. Thanks for the reply!


Wow, I didn’t realize that either. Thank you for implementing this feature