Swipe to toggle notifications

Hello, I’m finding that the current notification toggle system of fairly limiting for people who can’t rely on scheduling. I was thinking it would me really useful to have a individual toggle for notifications per camera, and now per camera group. It can be handles similarly to the way most iOS apps handle swiping on an item in a list. See attached screenshot.

I’ve tried using short cuts, but this is a quicker alternative for this specific task, I believe.

Users can swipe a camera group to activate notifications, or swipe again to turn them off. Also available on a per camera level.

I love this idea. In fact, other functions could be placed under a swipe gesture which is currently not used in the app. For example, there could be a camera on/off button. Swiping would provide a quick display the current status of function.

[Note to non-beta folks: camera groups are currently in beta testing. The graphic above is based on that interface.]

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Also like the idea of both on/off camera and on/off notication toggle/slide switch.

Right now using Shortcuts, but only two cameras. Prefer to not clutter up that feature with too many shortcuts. OP’s option would be more convenient.

I vote yes :+1:

This would be awesome

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I like this idea! actually just now I created a new topic “Notification Manger” - One place to control/toggle all notifications of all devices.