Swipe between screens in portrait and full-screen (e.g., swipe to switch cameras, back navigation)

Wondering if we could add swipe capability between each screen instead of going back and fourth on the app. Also I’ve noticed that the recording features there is a window between recordings. It skips in some points


I have multiple cams and am often in a situation that needs to switch views quickly.
I understand there is a point in grouping the cams. However, below are my reasons:

  1. On phones, the grouped view is too small.
  2. Even on tablets, you have to tap in each small view to use zooming and microphone functions.
  3. When in the grouped view, it streams both cams at the same time, which means it uses more internet bandwidth than I want and often causes bad connection and trouble.
  4. Most annoyingly, it takes multiple taps on the small back buttons and loading time to get to another cam view.

Is there a way that Wyze developing team can make a quick swipe gesture to switch between cams so that I can zoom and speak freely in one view while being able to check other cams quickly? I understand when the view is zoomed, the swipe gesture functions as moving the zoomed view. If possible please make the swipe gesture somewhere else like on the white below functional buttons area.


Swiping from left to right is super common and a huge help with ever bigger phones. Please add this interaction to avoid requiring two hands to work the app.

With more and more products added (I’m waiting on 3 preordered items) the way a user navigates efficiently matters even more. (Yes I’m a UXer :slight_smile:)

Love all the sweet products and keep up the good work!



Unfortunately this type of request is an interaction improvement and will most likely never be ‘voted’ up in any significant way. This is a UX/interaction issue that needs to be resolved for the following reasons.

  1. Given our phones continue to be bigger each year the use of a small back button at the top of the app does not allow single hand use.
  2. The swipe back interaction is very common pattern on iOS and Android.
  3. The more devices customers have connected to this single app the more need to switch views from one device to another,
  4. Going ‘back’ to the previous view will continue to be on of the main if not already one of the biggest actions in the app.

I’m happy to discuss further with the PM and or UXers who are on the project. Thank you.

Can we add the ability to swipe through the cameras as we are watching the live stream? Right now I have to back out and select the next camera I want to see. I’d like to be able to swipe from camera to camera as someone moves throughout the house.


I second that!! When I’m away from home, all I want to do is quickly view my live cameras. A swipe as described in the post would be most convenient!


The group feature is perfect for seeing all my feeds! Thanks

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When viewing a Live Stream of a camera, it would be nice if there were a couple other buttons, ‘Next camera’, ‘Previous camera’, so you could toggle through all your cameras without having to go back to the main menu.


:100: left to right swipe and then right to left swipe. For the entire app. Let’s give our thumbs some much needed relief. #ux and #pm let’s fix this!


Currently we have to go back to the previous page and select another camera. Please allow us to swipe left or right to go to the next or previous camera from the Live Stream page.

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Should be simple to swipe left or right between cameras

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Please add ability to swipe to the next live camera. It takes too many “clicks” to see every camera I have. The more Wyze Cams, the more tedious to quickly view each one or to track someone between cams.


They won’t do it. I asked about this almost 2 years ago. A simple swipe feature. They refused. Arrogant and all about making money. Customer service and requests are not there.

They have a much bigger developer team now so this could be the time. This feature will help keep them competitive. I just reposted the feature request so hopefully it gets some traction!

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I would like to see an update to the Wyze app so that if you have several cams, and viewing full screen holding the phone horizontal, you could just swipe right to left to cycle through the live view of every cam you have without having to go back to the home screen, and having to turn the phone vertical, select another cam and turn the phone back to horizontal to veiw the next cam.

Just a thought to making viewing multipal cams live easier.


That’s all.

MOD NOTE: This is a merged #wishlist topic.

Yeah, this doesn’t work for me. I have all of my cameras in a single group and swiping left does nothing on my iPhone 12 with ios 14.4.1.

I would like to suggest that the Wyze iOS app support Apple’s swipe to go back gesture. This has been a long existing feature in iOS that lots of other apps support and it would make it much easier to navigate around the Wyze app, especially with the size of phones these days. Having to reach up to the top left of the screen to go back a page in the app is inconvenient.

“swipe” navigation I.e swipe right to take you back to previous views/page/screen rather than having to hit the top left triangle back arrow… much like most web app navigation on smartphone?

In most web, menu based apps, if you swipe from the left hand edge of the screen to the right, it takes you back to the previous page or screen.

In this app, it does not.

You must reach to the top left ( opposite corner ) of the screen to where your thumb ordinarily is, to hit a tiny icon (if you are right handed).

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This is a fairly easy change on the code that would bring functionality closer to native apps.