Sunset sunrise rules

The “On” button indicates that the cam is on, but I’ve never seen a Wyze home screen displayed like that. :thinking:

It should show a smaller static thumbnail of your cam’s feed with the on/off button to the right like this:

Please provide the following if you can:

  • Phone/tablet model
  • Phone/tablet operating system version
  • Wyze app version (Wyze app Home > Account > About)

Also… do you have screen zoom turned on or some other sort of visual aid enabled?

My home screen is different, I guess this is because I have one camera you seem to have many.
IPhone 8
Operating system 15.2.1
Wyze app 2.28.9 (all)
I do not remember turning on zoom on and I looked so do not know how to confirm if itv is on.

I have show below what I have set up on my cam V2. Again the sunset sunrise does not work so maybe it is how I set it up. Appreciate your comments.

I am still having issues trying to set up my Wyze CamV2 set up so that it records motion events from 30 min before sunset to 30 mins after sunrise.

I set up all the rules but the CamV2 records events all day long.

What rules I have set up are

  1. Turn camera on.
  2. The start time is 30 mins before sunset
  3. There is no end time
  4. Action is Turn camera on
  5. This rule by default is set for everyday of the week
  6. This rule is enabled.1. Turn camera off.
  7. The start time is 30 mins after sunrise
  8. There is no end time
  9. Action is Turn camera off
  10. This rule by default is set for everyday of the week
  11. This rule is enabled.1. Turn motion detection on.
  12. The start time is 30 mins before sunset
  13. There is no end time
  14. Action is Turn motion detection on
  15. This rule by default is set for everyday of the week
  16. This rule is enabled.1. Turn motion detection off.
  17. The start time is 30 mins after sunrise
  18. There is no end time
  19. Action is Turn motion detection off
  20. This rule by default is set for everyday of the week
  21. This rule is enabled

Under settings I have the following set

Event recording

This is set for all day

Motion is on

Sound is off


Record to MicroSD card is on

Events only

Night Vision mode is set to Auto

As I started in the star the cam records events all day. What am I doing that is wrong?

I am pleased to advise the camera turned off this morning so assume the sunrise turn off works.
I thought I would let the cam go through a 24 hour cycle to see if it needed this to work. Yesterday it recorder events all day. So I am pleased that it turned off this morning.

The next point of interest will it turn on tonight at sunset, time will tell.

Thanks for all your assistance.

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Great to hear! :+1: But you’re going to run into random unwanted behavior:

Your 3rd and 4th rules to turn motion detection on/off aren’t necessary as rules 1 and 2 turn the cam off. You can’t turn motion detection on or off while the cam is off.

Depending on which rule in each pair (1/3 and 2/4) runs 1st, you will end up with misbehavior on random days. For example, at sunset, rules 1 and 3 run. Because both rules run at the same time (sunset), you can’t predict which rule will run first. If rule 3 (turn motion detection on) runs before rule 1 (turn cam on), motion detection will not turn on because your cam was not turned on at the time to receive the rule 3 command.

I’m confused as to what you wish to accomplish. Are you simply trying to not record during the day? Or are you trying to record 24/7 and not receive event notifications during the day? Or something else?

Also, we can provide much quicker help if you post screenshots instead of typing text explanations of rules/schedule, etc.

If you aren’t familiar with screenshotting, this should help:

Okay thanks for your advise.
I will remove rules 3 and 4.

I want to record movements at night. I have camera set up in my veggie garden and I want to detect what pests are coming in at night to eat my veggies.

I set the camera to turn on 30 mins before sunset (rule 1)

I set the camera to turn off 30 mins after sunrise (rule 2)

Then I was a little confused how to record motions at night. I set up rule 3&4 to detect motion at night but as you said these rules will cause confusion because I have the same times as rule 1 & 2. In settings I have record events all day I assume even though it is set to all day it should only record when the camera is on that is between 30 mins before sunset and 30 mins after sunrise.

So by deleting rule 3 & 4 you are saying I should now be set to record movements at night or do I need time 3 & 4 to turn on motion detection but change the timing so they happen whilst the camera is on Eg 20mins before sunset and 20 mins after sunrise.

Thanks once again for your assustance.

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Just delete 3 & 4. Go into the cam’s settings and make sure Event Recording > Detects motion is toggled on and leave it on. Cam turning off at sunrise+30 will prevent all recording until cam is turned back on. When cam is turned back on, previous settings are maintained so there is no need to turn motion detection on via rule.

Since you are trying to detect motion at night, you’ll need to set your motion detection sensitivity higher than the default (50?). I’d start somewhere around 65-70. Not sure if you get light changes in your garden from passing vehicles at night… if you do you’ll get an event recorded for each vehicle that passes.

Quick reply really appreciated thanks.
Okay will delete rule 3 & 4

Yes I have motion toggled on but not sound and it’s set for all day

Okay will turn up the sensitivity higher. I was trying to keep it low trying to stop false alerts as the tomato plant leaves sway in the breeze.

Thanks once again for your assistance


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Let me know if the cam turns off successfully and no events get recorded in the day. And if you catch a critter eating your garden at night. :grin: I.e., let me know if everything is running ok.

Great news the camera turned on and it turned off this morning.
I deleted those monitor detection rules as you recommended, and I have left the event setting to record all day.

My remaining items which is not a major issue, as other than being annoying everything works is “error 10”. Have you seen or heard of this error. I googled Wyze error codes and got to a list of them but 10 was not listed. Other than getting the message it seems not to do or cause a problem.

Do you know if Wyze technicians are working on the ability of the Wyze cameras to stop showing motions when all the motion is a plant moving in the breeze. How they would do it or even if it’s possible I do not know.

Thanks once again for resolving the starting and stopping the camera

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The cameras detect motion as changes in pixels. You can try to set the detection zone to exclude any plants that move in a breeze, reduce sensitivity, re-aim the camera, but there will most likely always be false motion detection.

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Thanks WildBill
I have zone set but unfortunately this year and I guess it has been very dry rats have decided to live near my veggie garden and they love tomato’s .
I grow the tomatoes for the wife and myself. At first was not sure if it was the micro bats we have in Melbourne Australia or rats hence set the camera up.
Then to my shock there were a few rats first time in years.

Sea pup was very helpful in assisting to getting the camera on and off sunset and sunrise. That part works good now. Unfortunately the leaves and branches where I am aiming the camera to detect rats do move in the flight breeze hence many false alarms even when sensitivity is set low.

I am pleased that’s to Seapup that I can detect the rats. Plant movement I guess I will have to live with who knows one day there may be an algorithm that cancels out plant movement.

My next major task is getting rid of rats, I hate them.


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Just letting Seapup know that the sunset and sunrise rules still working thanks for your assistance

I opted into Cam Plus Lite 10 days ago. I am still getting reminders saying only 7 days left to opt in.

Looking at my account it states I have ,
Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy)

Can someone confirm is Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy) the same as Cam Plus Lite. As I am not sure if Wyze thinks I have not opted in hence the reminders or are all Wyze account holders getting these prompts.


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Great to hear! :smiley:

I haven’t seen that one before and can’t find a description for it. I would try powercycling your cam (physically unplug for about 10 seconds and replug).

We don’t have access to see what Wyze is working on… only what they publicly announce or status change of wishlist items. I see you already have added your use case/comment to the associated wishlist item and voted for this. :+1:

It is the same. After you opted in to the Cam Plus Lite service via the Web Services website, did you assign/enroll your cam to the service via the app?

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Yes assigned my cam V2 to it. I did everything correct I believe.

Just as the name is slightly different.
I keep getting reminders about updating.

This is why I am checking


Just check with my son-in-law. I forgot he put me onto Wyze and he has 2 cameras.

I can confirm his is the same as mine, and we both believe it been done correctly.

So Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy) which displays in the Wyze app is the same as Cam Plus Lite that Wyze keep sending out emails to get people to upgrade.

It is a pity that Wyze use different terminology for the same thing.

They are just transitioning the name from “Person Detection (Legacy)” to “Cam Plus Lite”. The old plan was for V2s and Pan V1s. The new plan expands that to include the V3, Wyze Cam Outdoor, the Pan V2, and hopefully more. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply.
After checking with my son in law I thought it must be okay as his reads the same of mine.
With future alerts it would pay for Wyze to explain the wording as I am sure I am not the only person who was concerned that they had not updated correctly.


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No problem. The wording I mentioned is from Accounts tab > Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy). But I understand there are other routes Wyze uses to message you. This has been rolled out in a very confusing manner, hopefully people will find roots here.

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Thank you