Sun is setting later

but lights are turning on in broad daylight. Is the Sunrise/Sunset options calculating correctly based upon day of year?

As far as I know the rules work. Would you please post a screenshot of yours that aren’t?


It’s simple. Rule is set to turn on at Sunset and turn off at Sunrise. It’s daylight here in Chicago at 6:37am and all lights are still on across two properties using this rule. They’ll turn off by 7am which a month ago, would constitute Sunrise

Today in my location Sunrise was at 7:02 AM. My Sunrise rules fired from 7:02 to 7:10 AM.

Sunset was at 6:41 PM. My Sunset rules fired from 6:37 to 6:41 PM.

I assume the rules are set for your location, have no offsets before or after Sunrise or Sunset, and that your phone is set for your timezone.

Looks like you might be using my ET time Sunrise, but can’t hope to explain that without better specifics, like screen snaps. :wink:

Here you go. Phone time set correctly. Location set correctly

[Mod Edit]: Screenshot address properly redacted.

Thanks! So any other users experiencing failing CT Sunrise/Sunset rules? Would help Wyze to isolate.