Suggestions for cage to protect floodlight

I just ordered a Wyze floodlight and I’m planning to use it to replace the flood light that is currently on the wall above the basketball hoop, which is mounted to the side of my house. Although the floodlight will be about 5 feet above the top of the backboard, I worry about the kids hitting it with the basketball. I’d like to get some sort of cage that can protect it, but that won’t obscure the camera or motion sensor. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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It’ll come with a screw that goes in the middle of the floodlight base to screw the floodlight to the junction box to hold it in place

I’m sure if a ball hit the base it wouldn’t move or get loose, it’ll probably just move the pir sensor, cameras, or floodlights but the base should be sturdy

Thanks for the info, although I’m more worried about it breaking. I’ve seen protective wire cages like this:

but that would block the camera view. I was hoping for something similar but with just a few strong wires, enough to keep a large ball from hitting the floodlight and camera.

Idk I think the cage may block the pir sensor or camera a bit.

Hello @jbu and @Rulwiz.
jbu, I agree with Rulwiz, that the cage will have little effect (insignificant) on how the cameras and PIR function.

I see no issues with the cage that Rulwiz provided a link to. Even in the rare case that a basketball hit it hard enough to deform the cage, it should not affect the camera or PIR performance.

If you are into DIY, get some 2"x2"x 12 or 10GA wire mesh. Get a cardboard box large enough to cover the floodlight assembly. Then cut down the four side corners of the box and unfold it to a flat shape. This shape is the pattern to cut the wire mesh to. Cut and fold the wire into a box shape and stitch the corners of the folded mesh together with some tie-wire. The top flaps of the box will serve as a start for the mounting flanges for the cage.

Below is a picture of my camera’s view through a heavy-duty security screen over one of my windows. This screen does not interfere with the camera’s function. I wouldn’t expect it to interfere with a PIR either if I had one there. If I wanted a PIR, I would place it right up against the inside of the screen.


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