Suggestion - WIFI Wall Temperature Sensor with Display

Wyze team is it possible to create a temperature sensor with display that connects to WIFI and work with rules that could control wall plugs. I live in Colorado where during the winter the static electricity gets ridiculous if you don’t put moisture in the room I get shocked. Only issue I have is that the humidity needs to stay at a certian level and having this control would help if I’m busy.

My suggestion is build a temperature sensor you can mount in a room, then have a rule where if the humidity gets to a certain level turn on a wall plug that is connected to a humidifier. This way it keeps room at a set range while keep the static low.

This same temperature sensor could be used for other options later.

Temperature Sensor

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If you need functionality in the meantime you can always use Wireless Tags with IFTTT.

I use IFTTT a lot so now pay for it but you can still do 3 recipes free.

I use the an IFTTT recipe to lock my WYZE lock when my Scout Alarm locks via a WYZE plug “ON” action.

Example: Tag Humidity & Wyze Power Plug ON

I like the suggestion. Wyze’s site said they are looking at providing a companion Temp and Humidity sensor to the Thermostat. I am hoping that will be enabled to be an independent TStat to assist in evening out temperatures per room. Similar to what Ecobee does. Maybe it will do what you are looking for. Here is the pic on the site, next to the TStat.

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