Suggestion: Allow spotlight auto-activation even when NOT dark

I positioned the spotlight to provide fill-light from a direction to better light the area. But because there is another light in the area (that doesn’t cover the same space as the spotlight), the spotlight will never auto-activate from motion, because the system thinks it’s not dark.

If I turn off the other light, the spotlight auto-activates just fine. But the whole point is I want both lights to work to get better lighting for recording the area when motion is detected. And I don’t want to have the spotlight always on because it would be annoying.

Just picked up two of these, and am having the same exact issue - which is what brought me here. Front and backyard cameras are both positioned in a way that it can just barely see the front and back porch lightbulbs. Even with the brightness of those bulbs turned down, the spotlight will not trigger if they are on. Have you found any workaround for this? I do not see the spotlight listed in the ‘rules’ settings unfortunately. Floodlight is there, but no spotlight. I guess it’s good to know that they’re there if the lights ever go out by mistake, but ideally I’d like the spotlight to auto trigger when it detects people, as the settings are currently set to…it won’t do this at night if there’s another light source close by.