Streaming to a public website

I’m a new user and happy with my home set-up and now I’m considering other applications.

I see potential to use Wyze for a community tourism-focused project to live-stream a local tourist area to the community’s tourism website (with appropriate local permission of course).

Would RTSP be a feature that would allow this?

If yes, is there already a guide here somewhere with step-by-step on how to integrate this into a website. We would be using Squarespace or Wordpress for the website’s CMS.

I’ve tried searching already and feel a little lost.

I’m no web designer but with some searching I came across this post that describes how to embed the VLC video plugin in a webpage and connect to an RTSP stream:

It’s definitely something that requires a bit of technical knowledge, and you’d have to decide if you want to open up the RTSP stream to be accessible to the public. I also found this product/project that appears to transcode the RTSP stream and serve it up via standard HTML5 video: