Streaming from a ROKU 2 to a Windows 10 PC to view my cams. Have Google WI-Fi routers


I read a post about viewing your cams on a PC from a Amazon Fire TV Stick using a “webserver” and was wondering if the same basic idea can be accomplished with a ROKU

My wireless setup is via Google Home Wi Fi. My phone is a Samsung J7 via Virgin Mobile.


No, you can’t do that with a Roku.
I assume the article you read was using TinyCam Pro on the Fire Stick?

I have TinyCam set up on an nVidia Shield. If it works on a Fire Stick that would be the cheapest way to go.
Okay thanks for letting me know.
I am hopeful Tiny Cam can help and I see your answer there also.

Yes I had just read the post about the Fire Stick.


tinyCam dev here. No, you cannot run tinyCam on Roku. Roku is not Android based device.


Okay thanks.
I am using and liking Tiny Cam Pro but still
Trying to get the Stream ported to Chrome, etc
Maybe via Action Tiles.
I have it running on the 4g side.

Thanks for your work.


I didn’t know you read this forum.

Since you figured out WYZE’s cloud “protocol”, what’s stopping you from creating a PC version? Not much market value?


It sounds like you already have a TinyCam server running somewhere and you would like to view those cameras on your Roku device.

I don’t know anything about the Roku, but I would guess that a web browser is available for it. Open the browser and use the web address provided by the TinyCam app and you should be able to view your cameras on the Roku.

The initial question was wanting to run TinyCam on a Roku and view it on a Windows 10 PC.


If you want to view the cameras on a Windows 10 PC, why not just load the RTSP firmware on the cameras, and skip the Roku? You would then use VLC on the Windows 10 PC:

In my case I would still need some sort of intermediate server so I could view my cameras using a browser.
I can’t load VLC or any unapproved software on my work PC.

There are lots of cheap, Android-based TV boxes. Try Amazon. Make sure the TV box has Android’s “Play Store” else you won’t be able to install tinyCam. Most of them don’t have Play Store.

Add your cameras to tinyCam pro and activate its web server. You’ll need to forward ports and use DynDNS, OpenDNS or something similar since it’s going to be behind a router. Then you can use any browser to view your camera feeds.

Not sure if you can install browser add-ons. If you can, a cheaper alternative is to flash the RTSP firmware, forward ports and use your browser with an RTSP add-on.

Note that tinyCam’s web server is CPU-intensive. The TV box can get really warm. Choose a model with as much CPU/GPU oomph as you can afford.

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Yes, I know. we’re going in circles. :slight_smile:
I have TinyCam running on a Shield. Works well enough.

Sorry about that. What’s the remaining issue then?

Nothing for me.
Don’t know about the guy that started the thread.

I started the thread and have gone with MEMU and may switch all that to VLC on the PC.

Thanks all