Stopping Upload

I am having bandwidth problems & may exceed my monthly allowance. Is there a way to stop uploading data? I have an SD card.

You could turn off “Event Recording” but that would likely stop recording to SD also.

The cameras do consume a lot of data, screenshot of my cellular data usage below

Depends on the camera in question .I think (a V3) will still record to the SD if you turn off event recording and turn on record to the SD in the Continuous mode, just won’t get any alerts. Of course I could be mistaken, would have to try it out to be sure.

Welcome to the forums! What camera are you using?
Like stated, disable any cloud recording you have. If you want to record to the sd card you can, just enable local storage and choose continuous or event in from the sd card menu. Cloud storage and local storage are seperate and independent of eachother. Yl and like stated, you won’t get any more notifications as those are triggered from cloud events. You may still have some internet usage if you view the camera from off the same local network as the camera.

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