Stop notifications from Shared Camera

My brother shared a porch camera with me, and for some reason, I keep getting motion notifications for the camera. How do I disable notifications for a camera that was shared with me? Or are my notifications set to the same that he has for his apps?

I would love it if I just had access to his porch cam showing sunsets over the entire southern Provo valley without getting notified when his friends and family come over.



The notifications follow the device, so whatever he has it set to, are the same for you.

There is a wish list item labeled as “researching”, but so far no sign of implementation. Give it a vote to support!


To say the least this is extremely frustrating to have a shared camera with notifications turned on. The end user (one who it was shared with) has no ability to turn off the notifications. So a Door Bell video camera has it on and was shared with me, when ever the wind blows I get a notification via android notifications and then to my watch. … Every time the wind blows… I have my own Wyze cameras and need the notifications working and the only option wyze provides is to disable it at a global level across all camera(s) really!. Keep selling those service plans with no software support… Thanks!

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Does the primary user want all those wind notifications? Can you talk to them and see if that’s really what they want and maybe add an exclusion zone to the detection settings or turn down the sensitivity? unfortunately there hasn’t been an update to the above linked wish list for multiple shared permissions for a while.


What’s really interesting is that he doesn’t have notifications turned on from his phone. But I get alerts as if he does. Still trying to figure that out.

Did he turn them off on his phone specifically or in the app?

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You do have an option to silence notifications on your device overall. Start the app and on the Home Page, tap the bell in the top right of your screen. ZZZ will appear over the bell. This will silence notifications.

Here is where you need to tap

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Thanks. I want notifications from my devices, just not his. :slight_smile:

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Oops… ok… :slight_smile: