Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

We would like to have advanced and customizable sharing options for Wyze CAM. Sharing cameras with a family member does not allow them to see playback, perform advanced settings, and even cam plus features added to the camera such as filter events by person. which is sometimes is not only wished but required. I have this situation and I had to create another account and have the cameras moved. Luckily, I was waiting to have everything set up prior to adding the additional cam plus licenses required which I also had to do under the new account.

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Well put! Such a great camera and such a great company, I hate to go with another, but the dismal sharing is a deal killer for my needs.

What’s the status on this? It’s been 3 years…


Need ability to share full access to view SD cards. Only main account can and other shared users cannot. I should be able to let my wife have same level of access…

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Would be nice to get video playback option for shares. Add the option to allow playback or not for shared devices.

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FWIW, it sounds like improvements in the “shared users experience” are being planned for the October and November releases… “stay tuned” :neutral_face:

Time mark 57:23 in the “Cam Plus: First Anniversary Event” on YouTube for the specifics

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I also want to see Wyze add the ability to modify sharing permissions, but for opposite reasons from the OP. I am working with various neighbors to create a virtual neighborhood watch using the Wyze Cam v3.

The idea is straightforward. Nearby neighbors buy a Wyze Cam v3, point it at the street, and give it a name that corresponds to their particular street address, e.g. “123 Main Street”. All of the cameras are set up to activate between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. when the door checkers and auto burglars are prowling the streets, and everyone in the group shares their camera with everyone else. Then various neighbors can take turns keeping an eye on the streets at night, watching for motion alerts and calling the police if the door checkers show up to “work” the street.

But for this to work, you can’t give random people the ability to modify the settings of your camera or turn it on and off. In this case, the only thing that should be enabled between shared users is the video feed and motion alerts … nothing else.

So I want more granular control of sharing, but only so I can strip down the sharing privileges to a bare minimum for the neighborhood watch. And along those same lines, I’d like to be able to group various cameras into a separate folder (e.g. “Neighborhood Watch”) so that I can easily separate those video feeds from my own personal devices.


Interesting idea for the neighborhood. I would definitely sell that to my neighborborhood as well and already have to my next door neighbor.

I also would love to be able to group, based on property as I am wanting to use these on all my rentals, but need to catagorize them into each property as each property has 2 cameras (front and back).

Interesting idea. I am “sollowing” only to see if this is actualized. I wanna borrow the idea.

The shared security camera network is an idea whose time has come, and Wyze is in the perfect position to implement it with just a few software changes. Plus the cameras are inexpensive enough where a neighborhood association could buy and install them along critical intersections, streets, and neighborhood entrances with the cooperation of homeowners.

But it is absolutely essential that the sharing permissions be limited. I’ve been discussing this with my neighbors, and I’ve realized that many people will refuse to share a camera if they think that someone could potentially use it to watch their comings and goings from their homes. That’s why the cameras should only be activated late at night after people are at home and in bed, and why other users must be prevented from activating their neighbors’ cameras during the day.

Agreed, but at the same time there should be selectable permissions. As a landlord, I want to turn off notifications at my properties while my tenants will want to turn them on. Each person should be able to control notifications for themselves and owner can assign which options shared user can control. Owner can allow shared user access to; notifications, camera on/off, scheduling, detection zone, AI, Sound, etc.

I think that much of what you want could be accomplished by having the ability to mute notifications from a shared camera. Regardless, making sharing permissions as granular as possible would be very desirable.

Well, right now if I mute the camera it mutes the shared users as well. That needs to be user specific so I can mute and they still receive the notification. But this would definitely be acceptable for my use.

Where is Wyze with SD card access to shared cams and permission sharing and permission settings? This needs immediate attention as the software isn’t matching the product types. Wyze offers “group” products that you want shared such as cams, but also products purchased for the home that are private and individualized such as watches and scales.

Just voted for this feature.

I’m part of a neighborhood watch group. Multiple cameras are out in the neighborhood. All are sweet up through my account. I share the feed with a free other neighborhood watch leaders and also with the homeowner who let us pay for and install a camera at their place while they provide WiFi and power. We let the homeowner also see the feed.

It’s a pain that only one person can see the sdCard. Read-only access for others would be good. No setting changes allowed. I get that a full range of permissions is more complicated but if they can see the cloud storage and see the live feed, then why can’t they see the local card content too?


Just adding in here that this would be really nice. For years my wife and I have shared a login, but as we expand our Wyze holdings (we just got the Scale today) this is becoming impractical. So yes, it’s time. Just have an option next to each shared user - are they a co-owner or a delegate? Co-owner has full capabilities, delegate is just as it is now.

Multiple users for a location owned by family members that are not part of the household.

Context: I own a cottage with brother in law. We installed a wyze doorbell cam so that when either of us are not here with our respective families, we can be notified of any visitors.

We would like to be able to diasable the others access when we visit the cottage and vice-versa.

I saw other posts of geolocation that could be interesting. But I would like to continue receiving notifications when I am here.


I keep old phones for Wi-Fi connected uses. One drives the music at my pool. Another is used as a dedicated monitor for my Ring Doorbell Cameras and Wyze cameras. When we have a baby sitter, they get to use the dedicated phone. This protects my account and provides them access to the security cameras.

Currently, when we share a camera with another house member, they do not have the ability to control notifications using cam plus. Please add this ASAP. #cam-plus

You can schedule turning on and off camera and many other things. I would like to schedule Sharing of the cameras. Like I would like to share with a nanny during the day and disable that share at night when they are not working.