Standardize Menu UI in Smart Detections Menu

LOVING :two_hearts: the newly updated Notifications Settings \ Options UI for the Panv1 and the V3 Beta RC!

Having everything on one page in drop-down menus is :sunglasses: Awesome :sunglasses:! Also seeing the selections greyed out and inaccessible for features that are turned off or not available due to subscription limitations is also great! :smiley:

Can you now also apply that same standard to the Event Recording → Smart Detections menu?

It was accomplished at the top of the page with the ability to now select which types of motion events are recorded to the cloud (big KUDOS for this Wyze Devs!) But, it stopped half way down.

Please apply the same drop-down menu UI to the Smart Detections so that they are listed on the same page (consolidate Smart AI Detections page into Event Recording page) and are greyed out and inaccessible if the feature is unavailable. Currently, these are on a second page and Sound Smart Detection AI can still be toggled on even when Record Sound is off.