Stand alone monitors for Wyze doorbell cam

What are some options for a stand alone monitor for Wyze video doorbell? I want to use it like a peep hole, so the device will be dedicated. Something similar would be a brilliant smart home control. Thanks for your help in advance.


I would like to do the same, maybe with an inexpensive tablet?

I bought an Android tablet (Lenovo Smart Tab 10) just for this purpose but the Wyze app needs to support a “dedicated monitor mode”

  1. Support Landscape display (the tablet came with a dock which is landscape)
  2. Have an option so the app opens automatically to the doorbell camera when the doorbell is rung
  3. Provide an option to have audio turned on automatically when the doorbell is run so I can answer the door (talk to the person) without having to walk over to the tablet and click on the “answer” button

Without these features I’m looking for another solution.

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