Spotlight stays on will not tune off after motion is detected

I have a spotlight connected to a wise v3 camera. I have had it for a while now I set the spotlight to turn on when the camera detects motion. It worked fine for the first month. Then it would come on at sunset and stay on until dawn. I reset the setting in the wise app worked for a day and the same. reset the setting again, same. Rest again change some times around still the same result. All my firmwares are up to date. Amy ideas how to fix this?

Is the setting changing reliably at around the same time, or random? Does it happen after a firmware update? Is anyone else using your account?

No one else uses the account. the setting usually changes the next cycle, meaning if I reset it up in the evening when it’s dark it will work properly until the next day. Firmware updates do not seem to have a effect.