Spotlight converter for Wyze Bulb in recessed lighting?

I want to use the Wyze bulbs in my recessed lighting fixtures but I would love to “disguise” each bulb as a spotlight. Basically, I want to find covers that I can attach to the bulbs to fill in the area of the recessed light openings.

When smaller flourescent bulbs first hit market years ago, several companies created these spotlight covers. Attached is an example from Philips. Unfortunately, these do not fit the Wyze bulbs. Does anyone know of a Wyze-friendly spotlight cover?

Thank you, Happy New Year!!

This is called shower trim. They replace your current ring trim with a lens that snaps into the recessed fixture. You can find lots of variants on amazon by searching for “shower trim”
It might cause your wyze light to overheat though, as you’d be putting it into essentially a sealed enclosure.

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