Spontaneously turning on but can't turn off

When the power to the outlet is turned on the camera spontaneously turns on. The motion tagging also spontaneously turns on. Then alerts to my phone kill my cell battery. Then I try to turn it off manually but I get an error message message operation failed so it will not stop tracking my movements nor turn off I did not unplug it because this problem has been going on for 6 months

How does 1 alert kill your phone battery?

At the most, you can have 12 alerts an hour, that is hardly enough to kill a normal battery.

While I appreciate the response, this didn’t address the problem. I was getting 12 alerts and hour, every hour. My cell battery was dying. I wondered why. I started searching for a reason and realized the camera had turned itself on and the motion tagging had turned on and I literally can NOT turn this camera off. I reset it, I rebooted it and I finally unplugged it and can’t use it til someone can tell me how to turn it off when it spontaneously turns on.

I was trying to say that your battery issues lie elsewhere. Notifications barely register at all for battery usage.

As for your cam not being able to turn it off, which cam is this? If you soft power it down via the app, yeah, it does tend to start up again.

I would say invest in a cheap smartplug, and then you can power it down, and it will stay off, until you power it back on again.