Split Payment or Gift card Options at Checkout

Payment options on the website appear to be lacking. I often use prepaid Visa or other prepaid “gift cards” for online purchases to keep my personal credit cards safe. However, this often requires payment to be split and the ability to add an additional payment method. I have not found a way to accomplish this on the website. Am I missing something? One way I could see solving this (aside from the obvious of adding additional payment option) is to purchase a WYZE gift card for the amount of my purchase. But alas, that doesn’t appear to be an option either :(. #makeiteasytopurchasefromyou, #takemymoney, #businesswithusiseasy

Mod edit updated title to include gift cards

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Wyze should allow purchases using gift cards. I was unable to purchase a Wyze Robot Vacuum from the Wyze site using a Visa gift card.
Fortunately Walmart just put the vacuum on sale for $199 free shipping and I was able to purchase using gift card