Spare Parts

I don’t suppose Wyze sells replacement parts do they? One of my V2 cams that was under the eave of my garage quit working. I took it apart to see if I could see anything obvious and the board with the 4 night vision lights looks like it has a problem. I would venture a few bucks on the chance a new board may fix it. Anyone have spare parts?

I’m confident you’ll not find it, unless you buy a used cam. … there’s NO WAY Wyze sells component parts.

To be clear, Wyze doesn’t design or manufacture their cams. … the cams are COTS, in case you aren’t aware.

So … option one: $5 for used cam and $5 to ship it …
option 2: why not walk into Home Depot and get a new one.

Then you’ll have a parts cam waiting in the wings : )