Is it possible to get a replacement "lens cover" for a V2 cam?

Is it possible to get a replacement cover for the area around the lens? My cam fell from its mount over the weekend and that cover popped out and effectively disappeared. I’ve looked for it multiple times now lol. So is it possible that Wyze could maybe send me one? Or does someone maybe have an old, non-working V2 that they’d be willing to pop that cover out of and drop into a standard envelope maybe wrapped in a piece of folded paper? Ill gladly pay a few bucks for it and cover shipping if you’d like to send it some other way.

I’d hate to have to buy a new cam over this little cover but I will if I need to. I just thought I’d ask about this first, in case there was another option.


Just to update this, I started a support ticket, used the link provided in the support email to continue support with an actual person ( and my cam is covered under warranty. So they’re working on getting me a replacement sent out!

Thank you, Wyze Cams! You guys rock!