Cam Pan Wound Too Tight

Well another defective Cam Pan . I found the stops were not working and it wound the power supply wires too tight until they broke … 11 months old . Not thrilled with quality of this camera .

I know - I know … It is only a $30.00 camera …what do you expect ?

Update - Wow they spent some money on a nice sealed ? bearing but only use a very small plastic stop to keep the camera from going around past 360 degrees … This stop was doomed to fail .

Wyze , Any improvements on this stop in later models ? Can you send parts with the improvements ?


Hi, @mrgadget. Sorry to hear about your Pan. That’s really bad news but glad you posted the pics. That little plastic “stop” needs be replaced with a small metal pin to prevent snapping off like that. You should be eligible for a replacement since it is less than a year old.
If you haven’t started a support ticket yet, I would go ahead and report this to the Wyze support team here.


[StopICU33](Forum Maven] No warranty since I opened it up to identify this design flaw that caused this premature failure.
I have 2 other Pan Cams all purchase about the same time .
How do I know if these other 2 also have the same design flaw that will soon fail ?
Have you had other failures ?
Is there a serial number range ?

Response from Wyze Technical Support ( FYI I expected this response)

" Hello ,

Thank you for reaching out to Wyze about your Cam Pan. Unfortunately, opening up the camera voids Wyze’s warranty policy. Here is more information about Wyze’s returns and limited warranty.

You can reach out to Amazon and see if they are able to supply you with a replacement since you bought it from them, their return policy may be different.

If you have any other questions please reach out.

I guess you should have used Xray or Catscan? Bummer.

I have tried multiple times asking Wyze Tech Support for a build range ( Dates or FCC #s) or bookends on Pan Cams that are affected by this design flaw . I have 2 more Pan Cams and I want to know if they are affected by this design flaw .
They are very tight lipped on the subject and have not answered the question .
I guess I was hoping there would be a little more transparency .
It is up to to all of us to assume this can happen to any Pan Cam …
I will not be purchasing any more of them . Very disappointed.

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Per the magnuson-moss act wyze cannot deny your warranty claim based on you opening the camera up.

That is a real disappointment…ugh! :anguished: I understand and I will ask around about this.

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For our future reference, can you quote the appropriate paragraph for this?


Anyone know where I can get a replacement for this part? I’ve had the same issue but seems like it should be a cheap fix.

I know the original post is a bit old, but to be clear, Wyze doesn’t manufacture the cameras - they license the hardware with different firmware and end user software. If you’re curious, Google the two words
wyze xiaomi

To @tj82688 … you should contact Wyze Support for replacement

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