Sound Detection

I have had to shut down the sound detection on my V2 because the phone ringing would set it off and send me a notification. Then, if a message was left, the beep of my answering machine every 2-3 minutes would set it off. Is this normal?

Well, yes, it’s normal. After all, it detected sound and acted accordingly. There is no setting for ignoring certain types of sound. You can try to decrease the sound sensitivity in the settings to the point where it ignores the phone and beep but still catches other sounds you want. But if the phone ringer is loud or close to the camera, that might not work.

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I installed a new V2 camera at a home in Indiana and reducing the Sound Sensitivity to one, there is no 0, still detect sound as if it was up fairly High. Has little or no effect. This seems problematic in the software at least. Reducing the sound level to zero should have caused hardware to not pick up any sounds especially the ones I am getting from the street or much closer. Any insites? And oh, yes firmware updates, camera restarts etc already done!

If I am not mistaken the sound sensitivity does not keep it from picking up sound, it will only adjust how much sound is needed before it triggers an event due to sound.

OK, well that’s the same issue. So when the setting is set to the lowest, ‘1’, under the tab “Detection Settings” / “Sound detection settings” / “Sensitivity” the camera STILL creates many ‘alerts’ as if this was not changing anything and the camera microphone was still ‘listening’ on say 10! So NO ALERTS should be ‘detected’ and then create a notification or any response of any kind because the camera sensitivity for sound should be listening at pretty much ZERO.
And that’s not working as expected. It’s triggering events due to sound. It should not. Not at all … anytime ever…



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So, just making sure I understand completely, you are getting events that say ‘sound event’ even when your sound sensitivity is set to the lowest level?

Yes Jason exactly. I don’t know about my other multiple pan cams. I actually haven’t tested those but now that I have observed this repeatedly with the V2 I may well test all of them in Illinois and Indiana.

When i get home I will run some tests and see what I come up with

Thank you Jason, that would be great!

Okay I tested my V2 camera along with one of my many pan cameras and they both detect sound when set to the lowest possible setting so it seems like they’re not letting you bring the sound level way down and still detect a modicum of noise. So it’s either on or off the way I interpret this. There are too many sounds in the average household and neighborhood to have a setting of 50% even according to the detection records I’ve already seen. It needs fixing.

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And furthermore there are so many other posts about sound along these lines it’s a well-known situation by now. I wonder if it’s in the to do list ahead of any new requests of course this is supposed to function already.

I have one camera that I use for detecting sound in the basement , I have been using it for over a year set at the proper setting 25 , it did detect the sound I am trying to detect but since the last firmware and app update it detects other sounds in the house that it never did before even with the detection slider all the way down.
I tested with some other cameras and I am able to adjust the sensitivity down so it doesn’t pick up every little sound.
I’m going to do a factory reset and see what , if anything , that does to fix it

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Did your reset correct your sound problems?

I have six Pans and one V2 in an unoccupied space. Sound sensitivity is High (maximum) on all of them. The V2 records all sorts of weird noises while the Pans do not. One Pan is only 10 feet from the V2 in the same room… pointed at each other and the Pan has never recorded a sound.

The V2 often records… tapping noises like someone tapping the camera with a pencil once or twice… loud echoing banging noises like hitting wall, some multiples. None of the Pans record any of this. It’s almost like the V2 audio stream is coming from a different location.

Sounds like you have the opposite problem that I do.
As far as the pan Cams go , I just use those for basic functions and I haven’t tested other functions lately, there are some ongoing issues with the pan cams.

As far is my problem, I think I may have it fixed , have to wait and see little longer yet but I now have the camera detection on 20% sensitivity and it seems to be functioning like it should.