Sound detection horrible!

Thank you both for letting me know! Could you please send in logs through Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue?

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Thanks Gwen
Ticket 401390
I know not many people use the sound detection but I have seen other people post this issue

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thanks i will do so


Come back and put your ticket number in here

I have a V2 that detects strange clunks and sounds daily in an unoccupied location. This cam also recorded a bright flaring light high up on an empty wall at night. I have a Pan cam on the opposite side of the room viewing the same area which detected none of these events. Both cams have Sound Detection set to max high.

@WyzeGwendolyn Another person mentioning this problem.

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yup mine too! a loud clunk or pop or something thats triggering the sound detection. it might be coming from the camera itself since its so loud and close. nothing else around the camera that could make that sound

The two audio is not the best, but it is camera first…

then they should not offer sound detection. or hopefully over time with firmware updates it will get better. i guess sound recording is more important than sound detection as it will pick up every little sound that happens.

I think you misunderstand , this is not about the 2 way audio, it is about sound detection and the sensitivity setting for sound detection

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Thanks for clarifying.

I just bought and installed one Pan and one V2 at a new vacant location. V2 records similar clunks, pops, taps, and other sounds like I mentioned above. Again, the Pan on the opposite side of the room records nothing. This is a unoccupied facility with nothing running.

i know what you meant, i wasn’t talking about the 2 way audio, this is about the sound detection.

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i think i figured out the popping sound that its making is the same as the sound it makes when you reboot/restart the camera. but its happening for no apparent reason while its on. so its sound detecting its own self

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Having the same problem here. I set the sound detection to 1, the lowest setting possible, and I had 36 sound detection events today. None of the sounds were loud. This feature is completely unusable as is. Are there any updates on this issue?

Yep , the problem still exists and I haven’t heard anything about any resolution

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do your camera detect itself making some popping sound? no idea why out of no where it makes a pop sound then it records it as a sound detection. annoying

No. The sounds are all different and very soft. They’re not coming from the camera.

I have a V2 that detects strange clunks and sounds daily in an unoccupied location.

The 2 cameras that I previously had set up to detect sound and send notifications,started working properly again , after having sound detection and notifications turned off on them for 2-3 weeks,

I’m not sure what happened , but the other day I was playing around with them to see if I could try something else to fix them that I had not tried yet, but, all I did was turn all the settings back the way I had them in the past and now it is working as it should, as it did in the past.
I set the sensitivity setting to 20 percent , as before , and it is no longer picking up every tiny sound and I’m not hearing any clunking sounds anymore.
It was not a firmware fix because each have different firmware on them , they both did not work right before , they both do ,now work right , one has , one has

Has anyone else seen this issue clear up ?