Sound and video not synced on cams and video doorbell

I am amazed people aren’t up in arms about this.
The cams are advertised to have two way audio to talk to people you see on the camera.
And for the video door bell, to be messed up like this, good grief!

The sound is as much as 2 seconds behind the video!
I have put in a ticket, provided video of it to support, and provided logs.

ALL my cameras, and cameras of my friends are all the same way, both on Android and IOS.
I have at least 24 cameras.
It is not my network, because I go to other people’s houses with Wyze cams, and I use their phones on their cams and get the same results.

Does no-one use the cameras in live view, and talk to the people at the other end?

Just try it:
Live view one of your cameras with your phone or tablet with the speaker function on.
Then clap your hand while watching the video, and see how long the sound takes to happen after you see your hands come together.

This has been a problem for well over a year, maybe even as long as I have had all these cameras, v-3, v3-pro, garage door opener, video doorbell.

I would at least like to see people try it out and reply back.
I have only found two other topics about it, with only one or two replies, then nothing.
One mentioned it doesn’t bother him because he doesn’t use sound!


Please Wyze, get the audio and video codecs synced up!

Or, am I somehow the only one to be having this issue with every Wyze cam I come in contact with?

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I don’t. 99.9% of my doorbell ringers are annoying Spectrum solicitors, even more annoying religious solicitors, or delivery drivers who don’t know how to read instructions. I prefer to watch them wait and sweat in the heat before giving up and walking away. I am thinking of hooking up a shadowbox light to a Wyze Plug so I can turn on a lit silhouette of a middle finger.

I don’t use any of my cams for telling trespassers to get off my property either. I let my security sirens do that.

In all my testing, I haven’t found a cam yet that has adequate 2 way audio without significant latency. But it isn’t a feature I use so it isn’t an issue for me.

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“They all suck, so we shouldn’t expect better” is pretty useless.

They should just make them work.
I am ok with latency, but what do you think takes more bandwidth and processing, low bitrate sound, or 2K video?

The video arrives first!

Delay the video in the path to the viewer to the same time as the sound.

It isn’t delayed in the recorded video.

And acknowledge to us all that there is a problem and that they are assigning resources to fix it.

Your words, not mine. Your perspective, not mine.

If you want to paraphrase my position, “I have no use for the feature. I don’t use it. So it isn’t an issue for me.” would be more accurate.

Yes, my perspective, and my request for help.
I am sad to see you as a Forum Maven, representing us all here, meant to help us, respond to posts with input that offer no help at all.

It’s like Amazon reviews that state “I don’t know if it will fit your need, I don’t own this item in question.”
Why even respond?

Dismissive posts stating that some feature some of us want to use has no use to you, is not helpful at all.
Have you passed this up the chain to someone that actually looks at issues and tries to help?

I know you may have taken my question (Does no-one use the cameras in live view, and talk to the people at the other end?) a bit too literal and felt the need to chime in, but this is an attempt to get bugs looked at, prioritized, and fixed.

Would you mind forwarding along to someone that will take it seriously?


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You asked a question.

I answered it honestly. If you didn’t want a response to your question, why did you ask it? Or is it that you only wanted responses that you want to hear?

I gave you my honest opinion and assessment. You just didn’t like it.

And yes. I have tested a significant number of different models. And, to be critical of Wyze Cams, their 2 way audio is leagues behind their video quality and AI recognition.

That is neither my job nor my obligation. I am a community volunteer here. A Wyze user with experience to share when I can. Which I did. I am not here to “represent” anyone, neither Wyze nor user.

There has been no bug identified. This has been my experience on just about every Wyze Cam I own, including the doorbell. It is a characteristic of Wyze Cams, albeit a bad characteristic.

It is also the subject of multiple threads, posts, and wishlist topics throughout the Forum. Did you do a search?

I also never use the cameras to talk to someone. The cameras have a TINY speaker with a very low power amp driving it. Expecting the audio from the camera speaker to be useful is almost laughable.
I also almost never listen to audio via the cameras.

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I am up in arms about it! I was looking for a better alternative to Ring. (so costly for monthly subscription).
At least with my Ring I could use the live video feature. When I try and do it with WYZE. They have pretty much left the porch by the time I say something … then they come back and I can’t hear what they are saying bc the audio is so choppy that I give up. Glad I’m not the only one.

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It’s actually laughable they would promote a feature that wasn’t useful. If live video/audio doesn’t work reliably, don’t sell it as a feature!

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