Sooo...thermostat and wiring ? Speadie or Hookdog?

OK, so a few questions on the TSTAT… I have a 5 yr old Trane Dual Fuel (H Pump and N Gas, which runs on NG when temps below 30ish here in TN), and Honeywell TSTAT with 4 (AA) and a watch battery, and an outdoor temp sensor hooked to it. Pics link below.

  1. Does the W TSTAT recognize the outdoor temp sensor and will convert to NG when needed based on temp, or ONLY as some posts say when the diff. between inside actual temp and set temp is 10+ degrees ? IF so, even when it’s like 15 degrees outside, it will be using the heat pump to “make heat”, unless I manually do something to make it switch to NG ?

  2. Is the work around of selecting “other” for my system in the menu setup and not connecting the G wire, the way to make the new TSTAT work best, as Hookdog mentions on the forum ?

  3. Is it possible that the W TSTAT is really not a good option for my/this system at all, at least with the software/hardware currently being sold or available thru W now ? Maybe Speadie could comment, and how to hook up my wires if it will indeed work well ?

  4. In the event of a loss of wifi, or power outage and then returns, does the TSTAT just default to like 80 to cool and 60 to heat or something ?

Pics can be seen here…

Thanks !!


The wyze doesn’t have an input for an outdoor temp sensor, so it only runs aux heat based on differential. as far as I know - I don’t have a heat pump, so hard to test this.

From the reports I’ve heard, the workaround gets broken with the new firmware- Hopefully wyze realizes eventually that they shouldn’t be calling for fan during a heat cycle unless the heat type is electric, but although I have explained this repeatedly in the forums, they don’t seem to understand that calling the fan during a heat cycle on a gas or oil furnace is something the thermostat should not do.

Your system is compatible, but you will lose features that your current thermostat has- no outdoor sensor, no real control over when it decides to turn on the gas heat.

If it loses wifi or power cycles, it keeps running off of the schedule that you last had it on.

Thanks for the quick reply Speadie…as I figured, best to either wait until W fixes the bugs, or look elsewhere. I appreciate your expertise on the matter…great forum expert on TSTATs !! IF you know of a smart TSTAT that would work with my system, AND keep the functionality I have, please holler.