Solution for RTSP configuration problem

I spent days trying to get the purple light that means you’re gonna get the installation done.
There’s a very important thing that this site didn’t mention on the rtsp tutorial: the micro sd card has to be formated on FAT32. If you don’t do that, you might have the same problem i did.

Micro SD used: 64GB Sandisk class 10 A1
Computer OS: MacOS Monterey

OBS: most people won’t have this problem. But if do, it might help.

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Actually the instructions tell you to use a card no more than 32GB - and the standard Windows format will be fine (I have NEVER needed to format a brand new uSD card for use or flashing in any of my 34 Wyze cameras).

Well, i think you might that there are other operational systems.

@K6CCC Just a bit of advice, there’s a bit when you post that gives you advice (which you didn’t follow), maybe listen to it? You’re wrong, the RTSP instructions do NOT tell you this. Updating your Wyze Cam firmware version doesn’t tell you that either.
Any time you write the word “actually”, triple check what you’re saying is true. I do remember seeing it somewhere while researching on flashing the RTSP firmware, but it’s not in the places it should be.

Also, not everyone buys new SD cards. Just because you haven’t had an issue, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. @Vinimol I had the same issue, and I found advice on the forum to format the SD card fat32 and it worked the first time around.

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Just needed to log in to say thanks. This fixed the issue for me.

Actually, not even the format type will completely work here. Even the sd card itself may not produce the purple light despite fully working with recording (thus being compatible). I did extensive testing on two different ones.

Some may have to use a different sd card. And also it doesn’t have to be fat32. I had tested another type as working. Think it was exfat.

I believe the recommendation is that if you run into any problems flashing firmware you should use a 32gb or lower SD Card formatted as fat32. This seems to be the most reliable combination to get the firmware installed.