Solar panel to recharge Wyze Outdoor Cam

I would love to replace all my Arlo outdoor cams with Wyze outdoor cams. However, I have Arlo’s solar panels connected to each one of my Arlo outdoor cams so that I don’t need to worry about recharging it every day, week or month. Recharging it manually is a real pain. Can the new Wyze outdoor cam handle the continuous charging using the Arlo Solar Panel (VMA5600)?

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I am not sure about that but currently having it hooked to a power source while outside will void the warranty.

If we can’t hook it to solar panel - it defeats the whole purpose of convenience & reliable operation. After while of climbing “Everest” to remove the camera, charge it overnight & reattach it back - gets tiring & people will give up.

I for one - this is one major factor which will hold me back from buying & installing this unit.