Solar panel charge statistics should be available in app

Solar panel charge statistics should be available in app. Any stats would be helpful to show that the panel is collecting energy and sending it to the camera.

Great idea. :+1: You may wish to state which charging statistics you would would like to see. Without details, Wyze has the freedom to implement whichever metrics they choose and close your request out leaving your preferences unsatisfied.

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Note: Currently, the only indicator that your solar panel-to-cam connection is correct and is charging is a charge indicator located in on the WCO cam live stream display. This indicator only appears when the solar panel is providing output to the cam:


Solar Panel status re charging/battery level

The Wyze app does not reflect the status of the solar panel. If the outdoor camera is not connected, it may be a dead battery as a result of the solar panel not working. The app should be able to monitor the voltage a wattage output of the solar panel. For the outdoor cam, the voltage is 5 volts and the output wattage is 2.5 watts. Household systems have the ability to monitor their solar panels mounted on the roof. Should be no different with the Wyze outdoor cam.