Solar for Wyze Cams

Very simple questions;

Can a Wyze Cam be powered by a solar bank? Can a Wyze cam be powered straight ahead through a solar panel without a battery bank?

Hello @MrsRecon, no this is currently not available but you can vote for this using this link, make sure that you hit the “VOTE” button at the top of the page.

Solar Enclosure

My question was not about availability but if they would work without damage to the camera.

I would guess if you were to get a solar panel that can convert the power to a microUSB it could work and wouldn’t cause damage if it is outputting the right amount of amps.

Both voltage and amperage are a consideration in this case. The power source needs to be continuous and therefore some sort of power storage cell is required. If the voltage drops or power amperage fluctuates the camera would lose power and or stability. This is the case with any electronic device. There is a thread where a user built a mailbox solar powered Wyze Cam with a battery and charge controller inside. A search may reveal this thread. Standalone solar powered mailbox is the name of the thread. Sorry I can’t copy paste from the forum on the iPad yet. A stable regulated power supply is a must with constant voltage and amperage. A solar panel will not provide a constant voltage by itself. You will require a storage cell and a solar panel at a minimum but I would highly recommend a charge controller for proper stable power distribution and protection of your storage cells or battery. The engineer also covers how he converted to micro USB power for his particular setup.

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There is a blog/web site where the person talks about must needed accessories for the Wyze Cam.

The very first item mention is a solar bank like the one I have. I will try and find the web site and post the name here. Also, the person with this sight may not be technical or understand electricity or solar .

Here is the site… I reviewed 6 Wyze Cam accessories: You should buy 5