Solar powered cam V3

I would like to be able to get a wyze solar/battery camera. I ordered a solar powered battery Bank to see if it will keep my v3 cam on. I like the outdoor cam but it seems that it has to be so close to the base station and that won’t work for what I need. Has anyone tried a solar powered battery Bank to power a v3?

Been a lot of them powering V2’s. Look in tips and tricks.

Solar USB power banks are definitely a thing. But unless you find a so called weather proof one, youd likely have to create a type of enclosure for it to protect it while allowing the solar panel to still do its job… One instance where dielectric grease at the ports would probably be a good idea to protect against corrosion.

I will check it out. I am new to this forum so I had a little trouble finding any info on here about it. Thanks.