Solar Eclipse recording

Anyone have any tips to record the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8th? Do i need a filter over the lens?

Don’t film the sun. You won’t get anything. Even with your phone camera. Not really anyway.

I went to the 2017 eclipse. Film everywhere else around you as it’s happening. Capture as much of the surrounding area as you can. The transition to almost darkness and then back to light is awesome.

It’s an amazing thing to see. This one is going RIGHT over my house!


Good idea… I’ll set up some cams around my yard. I’m in Ohio just along the “total eclipse” edge.

If you can get to the TOTAL eclipse area… go there. The partial is not worth the time as compared to the full eclipse, IMO. Everything leading up to totality just seems like clouds have moved in. Nothing special.

Once I saw Totality… it was a WHOLE different experience. In 2017, my 14-year-old step-son, who was never impressed by much, was blown away. So, if it can impress an annoyed teenager… let that be your measuring stick.


It’s kinda freaky when it happens. I was in my sister’s backyard during that one, and what really sticks out in my memory is the sound of the crickets and other creatures in the woods behind the yard coming to life as if it was nighttime.

@bobbyL, I did use the funky viewing glasses as a filter over my phone’s camera at the time, and that seemed to work, but the images weren’t great. I attribute that mostly to my own movement (trying to hold everything steady) and to the quality of the phone’s camera. Using a better camera on a stable platform with a filter seems like it’d work, but I agree that the best effect would be achieved in an area where you can really experience the total eclipse.

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I have had my V3 pointed at the sky for well over a year and the Sun has not damaged it as far as I can tell. If you aren’t comfortable with doing that, point it at the Sun a minute or so before totality and I think you will get great footage of totality and the Baily’s Beads right before and after totality when only a every slender portion of the Sun is visible.

They do VERY well at night very low light capabilities. I use this camera to see when it is clear out. I am an amateur astronomer.

As an amateur photographer, with lots of good equipment, I have come to realize that I don’t need to try to capture events like this. There will be MANY amazing sources of pictures and videos that will blow mine away, so I will just appreciate the works of those better equipped and more talented than me!

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Yeah, several times recently I’ve heard people say to just be present for the experience, because so many other people will be photographing the event. Seems like reasonable advice to me.

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Nice observations…

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Hey @Antonius, did the gang show up during the eclipse :rofl:

He nodded off, he thought it was nighttime like @Crease 's crickets. :joy_cat:


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Hey, just saying, my wife and son assisted today and my v3 is so light efficient that i could see a freaking difference in the light change. But one of my V2 boy it did show the light change. And my best view of the street a v3 didn’t record anything and my v2 same view decided to have connection issue…Hope you did get something from your v3 lol!

My wife and I noticed no birds were flying. No squirrels in the yard.

Around here all bird and squirrel activity normally stops around 6pm and doesn’t start back up until around 6:30am.

I presume the lack of sunshine had something to do with it.

I found this on YouTube. Unknown what model Wyze camera was used.

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v4, v3 Pro, v3 and v2 as it shows on the corner of each screen.