Snow detected as a person

My floodlight is pretty useless when it snows. It contstantly turns on with motion no matter the sensitivity. It will even detect snow as a person.

So i turn the floodlight control to off, create a rule to only go on if it detects a person between 6pm and 6am. Still turns on from the snow being detected as a person.

PIR is off because that’s even worse with detecting false objects.

Please tell me why this floodlight is not useless.

Snow causing motion events is next to impossible to get around, especially when you have the IR Emitters on the V3 active.

When the Night Vision is active and the IR Emitters on the face of the cam are pumping out active IR light, every one of those thousands of tiny snowflakes turns into a moving IR reflector in front of the cam and Floodlight PIR sensor.

One of the unfortunate design conflicts of the floodlight is that it pairs a cam pumping out active IR with a floodlight that passively detects IR. Put a thousand little reflective mirrors, like snow, rain, or bugs, in front of that PIR sensor and it is on a hair trigger. It’s like shining a flashlight directly into your eyes.

If you are looking to get the floodlight to calm down, turn off the IR NV mode and go to Color Vision on the cam. This will stop the active IR Emitters on the cam and let the PIR on the floodlight do its job. Hopefully there is enough ambient light to support the starlight sensor image. If not, you may need to add a night light.

You can also turn off the cam motion activation setting that is allowing the cam to turn on the floodlight with motion. The cam should quiet down once the IR NV is off, but snow is motion and motion will trigger the switch.

In the cam settings you can also reduce the motion sensitivity. I also turn off all notifications for motion only events and only get notified for AI and filter all motion only events from the events list.

The Person Detection events may not be the snow being tagged. The snow may be what is initiating the motion event, but there may be something else in the frame that isn’t moving… A tree, bush, light post, etc. That just looks like the outline of a person. The AI bot doesn’t discriminate between moving or not moving once the motion event has been triggered. And, since videos are not marked for what has been tagged, you can only scrub the image and hope to find what caused it to be AI tagged and use the DZ to block it out.


As mentioned, sensitivity is very low, PIR ist turned off, and night vision is set to Auto. Usually we have enough light around that the camera is still in color.

The snow is indeed causing it to detect a “person”. In fact so is my neighbors floodlight, my grill and patio table covers even when its not snowing. When motion is turned off, person detection is useless when it creates false triggers.

Very frustrating. My 15 year old floodlight that came with the house reacted better than this.

PS this is my 2nd floodlight from Wyze. The 1st one was returned due to a malfunction.

I posted this because one of my floodlights is near the heater exhaust and by turning off camera activation of the floodlight I have only had a couple of false events since then. Hope this helps.

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Thanks i"ll play around with the settings like you suggested although PIR was more sensitive so thats why i turned it off and just relied on the camera motion.

Actually my problem with the PIR is usually it not being sensitive enough. Then again my sensor is pretty much pointing down at the floor. One of these days I’ll adjust it.