Smart Water Bottle.

I was poking around the internet today and cam across a smart water bottle. They can keep track of how much water you’ve drank, remind you to drink, adjust the quantity needed based on water and your activity and some of them sing via speaker. Problem is that they’re $60. I think a Wyze one could be a lot less. HidrateSpark 3 - YouTube

Okay I guess. But no one needs reminders to drink water. That is what thirst is for. It’s kind of a fad.

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Better to have a smart beer bottle to cut off drunks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Uh…not really. Thirst is your body’s way of telling you that you’re dehydrated-meaning well past the point of when you should have taken a drink.

Don’t want my phone telling me what to do.
How about a nice intravenous connection to keep hydrated.

No that is mostly a myth, and the crux of the problem, even or especially for athletic pursuits. You should drink when you’re thirsty. But if this sort of harmless device would make you happy, go for it.

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Doesn’t this limit you to to drinking fluids from just that one container for tracking purposes?

Why not use one of they many (often free) smart phone/watch hydration apps available?

Maybe this should be a requested feature for the Wyze Band, if it isn’t already?

So now I’m gonna have to start bringing my own secret mug to bars and parties? :grin: :beer:


Sounds to me like a solution looking for a problem - or - a solution for people who can’t think for themselves.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence. The internet really does bring the best out of everyone!

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I already use Water Llama or Hidration. I just like the idea of a device automatically recording it for me. The Hidration app updates my goal based on the weather and my activity level for the day. Great smart features that can be built into a device too.

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Ha! Over hydration on water is certainly not a problem in America! Perhaps overhydrating on energy drinks, soda and liquor, but certainly not water.

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Yes it does. Shows how dependent some people are on having a ‘smart’ device doing the thinking for them.

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Since we’re getting into smart fitness devices such as scale, band, and the upcoming watch. How about a smart water bottle? Connects via Bluetooth similar to the scale and keeps tracks of how many oz of water you drink in a giving day. These are fairly expensive currently, so it would be nice if Wyze had one that was budget friendly. Plus it would be nice to tie into the Scale and Band.