Smart Pill Dispenser or Bottle Cap

Currently I am planning on taking apart my WYZE Sensor and stick the circuit card inside a 3D printed pop top lid for a prescription bottle with a magnet for the latch of the lid. That way when the lid is opened a notification goes to my phone showing that it was opened. The reason for my hack is that my
wife asks me at dinner, did I take my Metformin, sometimes I know and other times I don’t. The Sensor hack would solve the problem since her phone will show her when she opened the bottle top.

Or maybe even a complete smart pill case/dispenser. These are available on the market, but I believe they are pretty costly. Wyze could probably do it cheaper and better. Would you mind if I added that to the title of this post?


Would Wyze do it Cheaper and better? Cheaper I can see the less expensive part of it I can see. But they would just look at another companies again and just do a small little tweak and put the Wyze logo on it in rush out the door

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Loki, sure add that to the title if you like. I only care that the tech rolls out and saves lives.


I would think using a regular pill case and the sensor would be easier mechanically just in the adding of the sensor than working with a bottle. Probably sturdier in the long run also
Great idea though!


This is very useful for people with Opioid addiction. The pills can be tracked by the doctor as well. Someway so that the pills only come out 1 by 1.

Dear Wyze Guys and Gals,
I love your innovative approach to affordable tech. Thank you for so many terrific inventions! Please develop a programmable bulk fill medication dispenser like medacube, but more affordable (and probably simpler and more delightful, if history is any indicator).
Best to you,
Dr. Anna Olson MD

[Mod Edit]: Linked product example for reference.

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Programmable bulk fill medication dispensers with good function cost more than $1000. I believe it could be done much less expensively. The gold standard is large hoppers that hold a supply for 30 or more days for many meds with different schedules, then dispense the needed pills according to the program. This is tremendously helpful in successfully taking complex medication regimens, which tend to develop with aging, though young folks may also live with complex medical needs. Use of these boxes saves on services like visiting nurses, and pharmacy prepacks, and improves medication compliance and long-term outcomes.