OK WYZEGUYZ this is what I (and many others) need

I have been using $200 Etymotic research 'Bean" amps (PSAP’s) . So far I’ve lost 2 of them. China, If you’re listening, please invent a paste-on micro gps chip, small enough to fit on a $2000 hearing aid. I’m out $400, not $4000. You can buy insurance for a few hundred dollars a year, but it makes no sense for a $200 piece. There is a huge market out there. I use Tile to find my keys/phone, but most available trackers are this size and not adequate. One hearing aid company advertises 'never lose your hearing aid again." On further investigation, you find the tracker goes on the case. I’ve never lost a case. When the product hits the fruited plains, then WYZE can write better software for it and make it their own. Patent not pending…but how about 10% anyway…OK 5…

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That would be a cool product. I think Wyze is just looking into home security features right now. It could be a really good investment in the future. :slight_smile: