Smart Plug V2 Model Number

Apologize if this is too dumb. I have some V1 smart plugs and find them frustrating to configure. Would like to try the V2 smart plug which uses Bluetooth, but cannot find the Wyze model number for the V2 plug. If I order from the Wyze web site, is it 100% guaranteed that I will get V2 plugs? Home Depot seems to carry Wyze plugs, but it is not clear which version they are.

p.s. I did search and I did attempt to contact support, but have not been successful.

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Wyze only sells the newer version of the Plug: Wyze Plug | Best Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Outlet & Wall Plug

I believe Home Depot does as well. The Wyze v2 Plug will have a Key symbol on it.

You could always buy from Home Depot, open it and see if the Key Symbol is there, if not then return it.

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Thanks for the speedy reply. Oh, I’ll open it all right - in the store. After fighting with the V1 plug, the bluetooth outdoor model I tried is a joy. (Of course, when the app was changed to look for bluetooth, the code to configure the V1 plugs may have suffered “unintended consequences”, because I do not recall having so much problem with the V1 plug when I first got it. (Every time someone posts that ***** will not work with a mesh router unless the 5G WiFi can be disabled, if the product is under $25 I often buy one and try it. There was a post last week about the V1 plug, so I got them out of my “Box of Stuff that Works” and was surprised that connecting the plugs was so difficult. I ordered an outdoor plug, which is bluetooth, and it was a snap. Getting some V2 plugs will confirm that the engineers goofed up the Wyze app when changing to bluetooth.

I had issues with my v1 after no issue for years. I then replaced with the v2 and so far they have been rock solid. :slight_smile: I just got 2 more which make 6.

Wyze Plug v1: WLPP1
Wyze Plug v2: WLPP1CFH-1

Top: v1
Bottom: v2

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This is perfect. Thanks for taking the time to research this.

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