Smart Life dumps IFTTT

I just got a notice from Tuya (Smart Life) that they are going to end integration with IFTTT effective May 26th.

If you have any IFTTT applets that use the Smart Life service (like turning on a light when your Wyze camera detects motion), it will no longer work in a month.

Most people here won’t care. But if you have a lot of integration between Tuya and other devices on IFTTT (like me), this will be a huge pain in the [redacted] to deal with.

I have disabled most of the Smart Life applets over the years, but I have about a dozen still active. A lot of them I can replace using Alexa. A couple have no alternative (like the one that turns my fans on and off based on the temperature sensor).

I wonder that prompted this? Are the major players no longer willing to support IFTTT financially?


Well when Smart Life dumps IFTTT I will be dumping Smart Life, I only had a few items anyway


My home automated life at this moment and time is totally dependent on that app/service. gulp.

Few times it went out my 40+ IoT devices including connectivity to my theatre system came to a grinding halt. Hate the fact that it’s an oversea service with no local (intranet LAN) if cloud connectivity lost.

Now I feel overwhelmed in trying to figure out a new solution to this dependence… :frowning:

When I first learned of this I started replacing the IFTTT applets with automations in the Smart Life app itself. Most of them could be done that way and they respond much faster.

I ended up with just one that needed a connection between a humidity sensor and a smart socket to turn my dehumidifier on and off. I ended up using a TP-Link Kasa socket. It has integrations with IFTTT and also SmartThings.

My IoT/automation is a mess and I don’t think its my fault? I have both googl and alexa in every room along with Smart Life for every outlet/bulb and harmony hub. No fancy IFTTT or scenes / scripting etc with exception of Harrmony. Its a mess. Alexa interpets same cmds differently than googl and after months of figuring it out after fw upgrades, things started to fall apart even further.

so thinking of doing the unthinkable and wiping out everything and starting yet again over.

Also includes of course Wyze/Nest/Blinkx and few more…

its a nitemare.

Worse, every so often when new updates come, it breaks things.

Not even sure besides redoing everything where else to start and/or turn to .

Have to admit with a new born, having things done handfree when they work is magic. but omg, in the dark, holding a crying baby and automation for lights or something doesn’t work…nitemare… especially when apps hang so nothing is available.

[EDIT] I’ve been looking into some open src such as:

thank goodness for good samaritans freely contributing!

Regret not loading up on Sonoff plugs instead of whatever cheap outlet plugs on sale on amzn.

Regarding the disparate voice syntax of competing devices…

I expect some day standards will come resulting in a query language like SQL and people will learn to make requests in a structured way. Though complete standardization will certainly never happen among all devices. Even SQL has variants.



Shoot. My Wzye sensors stopped triggering my SmartLife devices recently and I thought it was just going to be something simple. Now this.

The funny part is, webhooks appears to still be working. At least for one of my triggers.

Time to buy more Wyze bulbs!! Or flash the 20 something SmartLife bulbs I have.

What he said in the video was probably true at the time he posted it. However, since then, Brilliant has modified their API so the IFTTT connection only works on products that they sell themselves.

I had a smart life light switch that I paired to the Brilliant app today (paired flawlessly) then went into IFTTT and added a custom automation with Wyze sensor and the light switch pairs through brilliant and it worked for me. Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you.

Something you might like to try is SEQUEmatic. Full disclosure, this is a free service I built mid-last year when Stringify shutdown.

Until now, all integration with smart devices was via IFTTT, but with the closure of the IFTTT/Tuya service I’ve now added direct integration with Tuya.

SEQUEmatic lets you create home automation sequences, with logic, variables for storing data, custom webhook and more. You’ll probably find you can achieve most of your sequences in SEQUEmatic, or at a minimum could just use it to route requests from other devices on IFTTT to Tuya.

You can read more about getting set up here, and I’m happy to help if you have any questions.


Hi Roy. Currently there is no Alexa skill for Sequematic, however if you want to trigger a sequence from Alexa you could try creating a sequence which is triggered by an IFTTT webhook request, then create an IFTTT applet so that when you give Alexa a particular command it makes a webhook request to trigger the sequence.

No there isn’t at the moment. There is an action on Google, so Alexa could be something I can investigate. The question here seemed to be about automations which couldn’t be solved with Alexa, which is where I thought SEQUEmatic might be helpful.

This will definitely hurt Smart Life I believe. I only use their Google assistant integration, but, without IFTTT, it will be a pain for some.

Ever since Wyze came out with the plug and bulb though, I have switched most of my plugs and bulbs over to wyze. I’m only missing the RGB bulb replacements. (Hurry up Wyze!!)

What else are you guys using smart life for, that Wyze hasn’t built a replacement for? (Also, I wish I could a refund on the smart life stuff I have. But they are very old now)

I replaced the IFTTT applet that turns my fans on and off based on the temperature from one that uses a Tuya socket to one that uses a Kasa socket. Kasa is still integrated with IFTTT, with the bonus that it works on SmartThings automations as well.

Smart Life Tuya lost a sale to TP-Link Kasa because of IFTTT.