Slow response time of Wyze app

Hi: I have a Wyze system with a few cameras and sensors. Everything is currently working the way I want it to. What I am wondering is what is the normal time the Wyze app needs to connect to the cameras. I can’t switch viewing between cameras quickly or smoothly. Switching between cameras I am viewing works, but takes up to 30 seconds. When switching to a full-screen view, I can’t go back to the previous settings page and see a picture without returning to the “home” page first.
I have high-speed internet with approximately 14 devices attached to my router.
Is the slow Wyze app interface something I should accept or is there something I can do to speed up the response times.

It’s pretty slow (and my connections are often failing or restarting) but if you haven’t done this yet, you’ll want to set up groups so that you can view a few feeds simultaneously.