SLOW frame rate live view on iOS 10.3.3 iPad.

Anyone else having frame rate issues in live view on older iOS devices, specifically iPad running 10.3.3? I just got an openwrt GL-inet ar300m router, connected via usb to my zte Mobley, and switched over to its AP for my WCams–iphone 6plus works fine, iPad @ 0.5 fps.

Also, Bluestacks WyzeCam app cant connect at all. Never had these problems directly wifi-ed to Mobley.

Yes on my iPad running 10.3.3, I see the live video every 3 seconds on my iPhone 6 running 11.2.6 and see live video at 1 sec. rate. This happened after the software update by Wyze Labs…very frustrating!!!

WYZECAM, Will this be fixed in a future update?