Wyze 1 Camera live view is updating every 3 seconds

have a bunch of Wyze cameras. Wyze 1 and Wyze Pan cameras. Pan work great, show real time no issues. My Wyze 1 cameras for about a month now are showing live view in 3 second intervals. If I hit record, it records everything without issue. But the live view is skipping every 3 seconds. You can even see the time stamp skipping every 3 seconds. I’ve removed cameras, moved them around the house, nothing changes for the Wyze 1 cameras.

Everything is update to date on the firmware side and app side. (iOS latest 13.5.1)

I have great internet and WIFI (Google WIFI Mesh) and signal strength is great for Nest cameras, ipads, etc. (1gig up and down Fiber)

Is there a firmware or settings issue I’m missing?

thanks in advance,

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