Sliding door opener/lock

Just saw a sliding door opener/lock that is coming out by a company called Wayzn. The product looks pretty cool but the are going to cost $400! It just seems a perfect addition to the wyze lineup and knowing wyze I bet you could do it better and cheaper. My dogs would love you for it!

Is this what you’re referring to?


That would be pretty tough to do cheaply. Either chain or worm gear driven by an electric motor, like garage doors, or hydraulic, unlikely but even more expensive! Mechanical devices mean higher parts count that aren’t electronic. Which mean stamping, welding, and definitely not battery operated if you want them to last about a year, and big batteries at that. Their are all sorts of things that need automated but that probably not in Wyze’s best interest. But we all need to keep the ideas flowing.

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I love this. We have a screen porch and we leave the window open to for the cats to go in and out. When I have a migraine I could remotely open the window and close it as weather permits.

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That’s really nice but $400?! Wow. And they say having a dog door installed is $700 and requires a contractor. They are nuts. I just bought one off amazon for $30. And my wife and I installed it in 30 minutes. Who pays $700 for a dog/cat door???

Yep, that’s the thing. Pretty neat but I think wyze could do it better, or at least cheaper!


I’ve seen many people use the contact sensors in clever ways, especially to see if a certain lock is unlocked or locked.

Searching the vast, I was unable to locate anyone making a smart lock for a sliding glass/patio door. I’d have to believe a lot of homes have this type of door.

This recently came to mind as we created a small area of turf under our back deck for the dog to use in the winter (avoid shoveling the yard for him). The door to access this area is a patio slider and no one can ever remember if it’s locked or not.

Common Wyze!

Hello Wyze product Manger,

it would be cool if Wyze comes up with a devices that can open the slider door and i think there are few company has this product ,not enough documentation and high price.

I recommend a new product that would attach to or mount to a sliding glass door and open it/close it via the wyze app and also with RFID sensors for animals to let themselves in and out. I would also like the product to securely lock the door in some way when it isn’t actively opening or closing. It could also come with a couple of sensors to ensure there is nothing in the path of the doorway before it closes/opens and alert you if there is something in the way.

I have a product already that I use that does some of this, I am not sure if I can name the product here so I wont. It is a self-installed motor and rail that you mount to your sliding door frame and the slider itself to have it open your back door for you. I got it because my wife and I work the same schedule on nights now and we have a dog. Rather than spend a couple hundred on a insertable doggy door, or three times that on a RFID insertable doggy door we got this product which is quite a bit more expensive but serves our needs:

  1. We didn’t want to restrict the opening space of the slider so the insertable frames were a no-go.
  2. Needed to open for our dog automatically while we aren’t home.
  3. Needed to lock while not actively opening/closing.

A product like this but integrated into the wyze app would be absolutely amazing and I would happily switch over to that product if Wyze were to make it.

There is another system called “Autoslide”

But it’s very expensive! 475$ for starter kit! and goes up to 1,515$

Would love Wyze to come up with a sliding door opener. The problem is that it is a liability risk if something happens to a person or a pet because some product issue or incorrect install. Why would a company want to take the risk.

Make a product that can remotely open and close a sliding glass door (which could also serve as an extra lock). Would love to be able to slide open my door to allow my dog in and out if I am not home.

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Having a sliding glass acarida door lock would in the Wyze Echo system would solve some security and safety issues I have. We have new little ones running around the house that It would give me that extra security knowing the back door is locked or I can lock or open it remotely. On top of it my son forgets to lock it at night when he lets the animals out so it would be nice to know at a specific time I can have it preprogram to lock at XXXX time, like my garage door.