Is there a smart sliding door lock? v3 cams outside?

Is there a smart sliding door lock available? Are the v3 cam ok for outside use?

Not sure about the sliding door lock. I have not seen it on the Road Map.

However, the v3 Cam is rated for outdoor use. I have 5 outside, but under the eaves.

BTW: I am a community member like you and not a Wyze Employee.

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As @spamoni4 said, the Wyze Cam V3 is IP65 rated so it can be used outside(I also have many in use outside).

What does the deadbolt look like on your sliding door? There’s a small chance it’ll work with the Wyze lock.
I would also suggest adding a sliding dooor specific lock to the #wishlist!

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Thank you My daughter has them but inside wondered if i should wait for the outside model ? Do you have the spotlight on your outside ones?

There is a wishlist item, only 13 members of the Wyze community have sliding doors though, I am one of them :rofl: :wink:

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No spotlight as I have enough light and the Night Vision works well. I am extremely happy with the v3’s

Wyze currently markets two cams for outside use. The Wyze Outdoor Cam (WOC) and the V3.
The WOC has a built in battery and is designed tor record motion events, not really for continuous use. But similar to may other brands.
The V3 performs very well outside, as long as you can get power to it and it is within range of your router. I’ve had them deployed outside through wind, rain, snow, ice storms, summer heat since January 2021.
Some are on 26’ long flat USB cables so I can plug them inside and snake the cable out a window.
With the supply chain issues that are happening I’d recommend getting a couple now,