Site stopping at shipping?

Hi there!
The ordering flow (for me) won’t go past the “shipping” page. It shows my total but “review and payments” is greyed out.
I’m on an iPhone Xs. Already tried “request desktop site,” it didn’t help out.

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Try using your browser then go to the site

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Welcome @divalea!
What product(s) are you trying to order?

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I’m trying to get the video doorbell and 3 window mounts.
The page did show them in stock.

I went into the app into shopping and the video doorbell is showing out of stock when I am unable to add it to my cart , I go to the shopping page on my laptop , I am able to add it to my cart there but when I go to the next step to check out it is stuck on the shipping page there is no continue available.

one question did you log into your account first?

OK I left the window mounts in my cart and took out the doorbell and put in some contact sensors , after that I was able to get past the shipping page by clicking next , I think it has something to do with the doorbell according to the shopping page through the app it is out of stock


Okay, took out doorbell (which showed as being in stock in my browser, AND I got an email exhorting me to order!), then I was able to order the window mounts.
Thanks, community!
(Thanks mods, for editing my image, what a derpy thing I did.)