Simultaneous Streaming (Multi-camera viewing)

+1000000 for multi-cam view. I’d like to test the use of WyzeCams in a school environment (East Voyager Academy in Charlotte, NC), but it’s no good if we can’t see at least 4 cameras <span style=“text-decoration: underline;”>live</span> in one screen (do 8, I’m sold, we’ll buy you out, lol)

Believe me, we’ll be buying a lot of wyzecams (our school has <500 acres of room to grow) and will be happy to write an extensive use case for our potential bulk purchase if Wyze can implement a reliable multi-cam view (8/screen is preferable, but we can make 4/screen work) before May 15th, 2018 – that is when I’ll be signing off on our security system for the year. We have a 1500sqft campus, expecting 300 students in year 1, serving grades K-4 as well as preschool, adding a grade every year through Grade 8. Our first day of school will be August 27, 2018.

We need our system installed well before then – I’m keen on Wyzecam because of it’s cost-to-benefit ratio, but it’s hard to sell the benefit without that one <i>critical</i> feature. And while I know Wyzecam was not designed for business use, the practical benefits of this feature easily extend into the home, as well.

I’m looking forward to receiving and testing out the 2 Wyzecam v2s I’ve ordered – I really hope Wyzecam manages to add this feature sooner rather than later.

Thats what holding me back from buying more of these cameras. There has to be a way to view mutliple view at once.Pleaee make this happen.


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I Hear you loud and clear … and so does WYZE.

I have heard many great suggestions such as an automatic update to ALL camera thumbnails upon opening or refreshing the app.

This would be nice for sure, however it would still leave the same 13 camera scrolling to find the one I want to view, CLUNKY main interface.

Another suggestion was for reducing the frame rates of refresh for live view would be a great bandwidth / data reducing help in order to facilitate live multi view.

The real issue is to be able to see 4 (or more, maybe 8?) on one screen at a time.

Alert viewing options like swiping etc clearing belong in another thread topic.

MULTI-VIEWING is the greatest need !!!

Not silly voice control gimmickry.

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The guy who makes tinycam i believe has an ios app its just called something else, like baby monitor or something look for the developers name. I use tiny cam too. Once this app has multiview live i might stick with this app. But for now tinycam has live view so wyze app os not as useful…yet i have attached an example of what i hope wyze will mimick in live split view.

Add live streams of every camera when you first open the app. We currently have to click on each camera in order to view it live. This will save time and allow you to view everything live without going through the extra steps of clicking on each camera.


I would love to see a way to do a multi feed with Echo Show and the ability to have it stay up.

Would like to see a live view on the home screen to allow quick scanning of all cameras (may require scrolling if multiple cameras.) Now you have to go to individual camera page for live view.


Hello. I am a huge Wyze Cam supporter and constantly recommend my family and friends get one. I also have an older D-Link brand home camera system. The ONLY thing I like with the D-Link system over the WyzeCam system is that on its mobile app home screen it automatically shows a live current view of all the cameras, all on one screen. Can you change your WyzeCam mobile app to do that? Granted the D-Link app takes a couple of seconds to load each camera view but that is still very valuable because sometimes you don’t know which camera in the house you urgently need to look at in the moment. Once you can do that I will get rid of D-Link system and buy more WyzeCams! Thanks!

What app do you use ?

For starters, can the thumbnails for each cam be updated every 10seconds while the app is actively open? But yes, I want we 4 to 6 cam streaming too.

I use tinycam and wyze depending on what I’m looking for. Tinycam can’t control wyzecam pan buy it streams all cameras in a configurable split. (I have more than just wyzecams. So as long as I don’t need to move the pan I’m good. If wyze finally introduces a configurable split then bye tinycam.

Live stream even at very low res of 6-8 cameras (more the better) would be fantastic. I’ve got multiple locations with multiple cameras I need to keep an eye on and if I can just see activity in a zone then open that camera and get high res it would save tons of time.

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please make this happen :slight_smile:

tinyCam can control pan for Wyze cams. Just select model ‘Wyze Cam Pan’ instead of ‘Wyze Cam’ in Camera Settings in the app.

Any status of this from Wyze? I see a new beta is out but and a message in this thread back to November stating it was on the road-map. This feature does sound complicated by an update would be nice.

I do know this is still in the testing phase. :slight_smile:

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Alpha or Beta?

Ah, I’ll bet you’re no good at keeping secrets about surprise parties… :wink:


There’s a party?


I’m way too excited for this and I want it desperately!

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Alpha. We found that we need to stabilize it more before we send it to beta so it won’t be in this round. :slight_smile: