Show what detection zone “boxes” triggered an event

When you setup the detection zones for a camera, you “check” little boxes denoting where motion should trigger a recording.

I think it would be useful to many if, somewhere on the event screen, it had an option to show which boxes triggered this event.

  1. Obviously amazing would be an optional overlay of the detection zone map showing which boxes are detecting motion in red in real-time as the video plays. However, I know from experience, this implementation would be difficult to develop.

  2. Almost as useful (I am a true believer in price/performance) would be just an option/button that displays a static map of the boxes showing which either first detected motion or the full set of boxes that detected motion during the event. This could be stored in metadata as a simple y/n string.

Background; I was setting up my first Wyze camera (love it by the way) and I did what I thought was the perfect detection zone map. Turned on the camera and it started sending me 5 to 8 events an hour and I can’t tell why. I am looking at the vids trying to figure out what is triggering. Is it the wind in the trees on the left? Bugs flying by on the right? Cars going by that aren’t even in my detection zone… Man I struggled. I did finally get to a reasonable number of events per day. But then, having an outdoor V2, had to charge the battery. Well, it is almost impossible to get it back up in the exact same position, so the entire process started over again. It would be really helpful if I could see what “boxes” are triggering events.

Thank you for listening (and a wonderful product)