Shortcut rules for notifications when triggered return error in history log

Noticed the my shortcuts that trigger devices are returning “error” in the rules history log just for notifications. I created a shortcut called “Home” which sets many devices to turn ON or OFF notifications when I’m at home. When the shortcut is triggered or touched in the android App, it creates a history in the rules history showing the shortcut and all the rules in the shortcut and if the “succeeded” or return a “error”. The devices such as plugs, door switches, cameras, and motion detectors are all affected by this error that is returned. BUT when you check the settings for these devices the notifications setting is changed ON or OFF as the shotcut triggers.

The results appear that any device set to turn ON or OFF notifications in my 4 shortcuts will always show "error in the rules history log.

My first test, after support wanted me to reset my rules and update the app which are current versions, so I went to my friends house and set up a 2 shortcuts for Notification OFF and a Notifications ON shortcut. All 3 Cameras return “error” for the rules history log except his cheap OG Camera. Point is 2 different accounts 2 different cell phones and both are returned “error” in the rules hisory log after being triggered to turn ON or OFF, but the rules do change the setting and report a false result for the logs.

I reported this issue in the App Beta 3.0 location. Wyze Responded that they found the issue and will be providing a fix for it.

I am seeing the same thing when turning on notifications with my motion sensors.

Same thing here. I have two door sensors one motion sensor and one camera are all showing error in the notifications.